To decorate one Marries with Plants

How many times we spoke on as to decorate a house with plants? How many times we spoke to him on floral adjustments, plants in the rooms and dormitories, etc.?

The plants in the decoration of interiors are a special element to secure a more alive and colorful space. The plants and flowers have the capacity to completely change to an atmosphere giving him the touch that needed, are purifying natural of air perfect for house of smokings or where the closed windows are always left (This it is an error who we will speak another day).

decoration with plants

The best thing to use plants and flowers is that they are accessory economic within the decoration.

As Choosing Plantas for the Decoration

First that must do it is to only choose the best plants for each space of the home or in its defect for the rooms that want to decorate with plants. They must aside comprise of the decoration and not to be an element. The species must have survey that use since some grow much and is necessary to prune them constantly, others need much light and can go next to sales, others need much water so they need well-taken care of constant.

to decorate floor with plants

The used types of plants but in the decoration of interiors are almost always: the ferns, cactus, exotic plants and some types of palms.

As Placing and Organizing Plantas in the Home

The best places to place plants are corners in the rooms. But following how one goes away to organize the decoration can find better places.

As for example: Windows, as centers of tables, can go on the shelves, to the flank of a armchair, as decoration desktop, etc. These are the most habitual places where they are placed. Whenever they do not obstruct the view and is not little light will be a good place to place its plants but they must have well-taken care of with the dimensions of space and the flowerpot that they try to place.

That Flowerpots To use

We do not have much to say on this subject since it is important that you yourself choose the flowerpots that wish to use but what if is important that they know that the flowerpots are important elements of the decoration, are as important as the plants so they must spend the same time to him to choose the plants and flowerpots that want for the decoration with plants.

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