Venetian stucco

You have been thinking how to give that touch of sophistication to your home and not yet you know how, simple do it with a little painting, materials of the first and best company of painters: Pinturaskar who applied the finest Venetian stucco in interiors that will do that your guests marvel themselves at the appearance of your home. When one is Venetian stucco you cannot choose any painter you must decide on best the company of painters. 

Madrid painter Venetian stucco

This painting technique is extremely complex and who goes it to apply must have knowledge and experience on the matter, you do not take unnecessary risks TownHallTheatreGalway who really know of Venetian stucco have only a name: Pinturaskar. In the today post we will speak of the technique of painting Venetian stucco his origin and as power the decorative beauty of your home or office. This very versatile technique grants immediately an elegant aspect to him to the atmosphere where it is placed, is a great success to increase the aesthetic value of your property.

The Venetian Stucco and its Origin

The Venetian stucco was a technique of coating applied from the antiquity coverall in the area of Venice Italy. It is due to his constant use by the decorators Venetian Renaissance whom today its name takes, because those were these that gave the greater beauty him to this type of coating by layers. In the antiquity this type of material took control of lime extinguished, water and dust of marble. The Venetian stucco could have several finished to style marble, sgraffito and plaster. Although at the moment the painting manufacturers have created a stucco easier to work and fast it is a technique that requires of knowledge and abilities so that it has good finished an elegant one. In which it leaves from your home can emphasize the Venetian stucco? The Venetian stucco for interiors is an option with which simply to guess right is very easy, sees well in all the ambient ones you only must take care of not using them but in some walls so that it stands out in resistance of which it has normal painting. In the room it is recommended to put on the wall where the main furniture rests, and to use normal painting in the rest. With the Venetian stucco less it is more and to choose the suitable wall as focal point has excessive importance. In the dormitories it is advised to place it on the wall where this is the head of the bed will emphasize it enormously. A recommendation with this type of techniques is not to use in reduced spaces great amount, is a slight detail that him of that touch of category to your home.

Advantages of the Venetian Stucco

The Venetian stucco grants certain advantages on the normal painting between which they are counted:
€“ Greater resistance.
€“ He is washable.
€“ They are transpirables.
€“ They are tried to avoid the mould appearance.
€“ They are highly aesthetic.
If you want to take advantage of all the beauty the Venetian stucco you must contract an excellent painting company in Madrid as Pinturaskar, expert in the application of Venetian stucco that is with fine finished a very professional one.