To paint Walls As a Professional

5 tricks to paint walls as a professional €“ simple, easy and economic.

When the budget does not give to contract us to a painter professionto, or simply we want to experiment as painting in small walls because not to do it we ourself, and to do it as a professional. In the today post I will give tips you stops that you yourself you can paint your house as an expert painter.
It is important when we undertake the work to paint our house to make certain preparations, the idea is that we have the time and the patience to make the best possible work. So fundamentally you do not try to do everything in a day although you do not create it to paint has his tricks and one of them is to have patience and to put attention to the details. 

to paint walls as a professional

¦    It opens the windows, it illuminates the site that you are going to paint, is important that you have ventilation and light so that you can observes each meticulous detail and the ventilation you do not want to suffocate with the strong scents that the painting emanates, remembers your health first.
¦    As far as possible it vacates the stay so that you are not going to stain your objects and furniture. If you cannot covers everything and ponlo in a site that does not hinder, when one works comfortable works better.
¦    It covers the switches, pon periodic paper in the floor basically prepares you to paint.
When one is virgin walls always I recommend to engage the best painters of Madrid to take to end this work, because there is to cure it, to sandpaper it and others. But your wall already has received paintings you must chip a little, sandpaper where it is necessary and only clean. If you see that he is not uniform, there is several textures, one that another irregularity you will have to cure and to sandpaper.

It learns To paint As a Professional

Since this becomes, easy, with it grazes professional that you can acquire in any ironworks or store of paintings, a plastic spatula and a sandpaper. We suppose that you wish to cure a small hole where the zone was a nail sandpapers you apply with spatula grazes and hope that dry, to return to sandpaper.
If you must cure several holes or irregular zones of your wall take a complete day for this dedicates to you to that the wall is smoothest possible so that the finished one is just as the one of a professional painter. It always reads the instructions of the products that you use, if the manufacturer of grazes professional says that you wait for 24 hours to you to sandpaper you do it, we do not want that all the work is damaged not to have patience.
Your walls are smooth as tail of drinks, now if we began to paint. Covered yet you begin to apply the painting if the zones are extensive uses roller, if they are small you can make it with the brush a trick always follows a same direction, of vertical preference, we do not want that brands of brushes from a side are seen another one.
He is better to use the roller is more uniform, the details finalizes them with brush. After applying the first hand reads the instructions of the painting if you say that you wait for 12 hours to apply the second hand you do it, we want that it is with professional finishing.

5 Perfect Tricks To paint Walls of Your House As a Professional

It always applies one second hand although you do not create it and you think already is seen well with the first coat of paint, the second hand removes the best thing from the color does and causes that is better the wall. In order to paint walls as best a worthy professional painter of the painting company, you must prepare, have the zone to you and only begin to paint, to take into account the advice and instructions the product, but coverall much patience and meticulousness, now brand new new colors in your wall as a professional painter€¦