Tricks to paint the marriage room

Painters to paint Madrid floors. Our room is the most personal place of our house and often we tried to reflect in her our personality. In the case of painting and of decorating the marriage room, the subject is complicated a little, because those are the two people that they sleep in her and often there are certain confrontations, because each wants to apply its criterion.

In this case, we will look for an intermediate point, and we will try that a very feminine room is not seen, either neither very masculine, using neutral colors, as any tonality of targets, black, grays, or color wood, mixed with a touch of alive colors the more to give him the more personality to the room.

economic painter

A formula that never fails is the combination of targets and black, obtaining a modern and serious aspect, and adding an sharp tone with a third color.

The ceilings we will always paint them of target, because any color that we apply to him would give a reduced aspect more him and would clear amplitude in the room.  If the ground is rather dark, we will paint the walls of white color, or also we can use a paper of very smooth a white or gray color to give a more personal touch him.

If the ground is much more clear, we will paint one of the walls of black color, or with dark black or gray paper. The other walls will be totally white. Regarding the furniture, we will use a combination of targets and black. In this case, if the room is rather small, we will put more target than black, and on the contrary we will use the target and the black to the fifty percent, or even a little more black than of target.

The third color we will be able to use it for the bed clothes, pillows, cushions, lamps, carpets, candles, even a mantita upon the bed, but never in movable walls nor, even can use two colors instead of one, but that are always in agreement and tonality. For example a combination of alive colors, as red and yellow, or two smoother, blue and dwelled.