How To emphasize the Wall Of the Lessee

A room is not complete, but it has a focal point that draws attention of that sees it. The expert painters and decorators know the previous thing and for that reason today we will speak of how honoring the lessee of the dormitory and making it the focal point of the decoration, helping us with some unique techniques of Madrid painter. You are not Scared to Him To the Color, Experiments.


There are magical formulas, nor rules no to suitably honor the lessee of the bed. What if I can tell you is that you are not scared to experiment when one is colors and to give the return him to your room. I have seen rooms radically change when painting its floor by painters, using radical and showy colors. The previous thing is valid to honor the lessee of the bed. Nonsubjects to use bold and unique colors. Combining them with beautiful curtains and others.

Combinations De Color That Will cause That It emphasizes the Head Of Your Bed
There are many forms to make emphasize the head of your bed and one of her is with colors. Yes, thus it is, to play with the colors of the walls and the curtains. Normally the ideal is that the wall where rests the head of the bed is of a color different from the rest of the walls of the room, preferably is a color more showy than the rest and this you can also use it in the curtains.

Next, I will give some ideas you of colors to cause that the head of your bed is the focal point of your room and emphasizes of positive way. A very vintage and attractive combination is to use a white tone moon, that target that has a grayish tonality in all the room except on the wall where the head of the bed rests, there you placed pink strips old and black.

You can harness it with some similar curtains. If you are than you like to maintain your serious style, without as much color you can on the wall decide on a simple, but winning combination a tone ivory in the green room and a Turkish of the head of the bed. Potenciala with turkish green curtains, but that has a showy and beautiful design, will see very well if your furniture is in color wood wengue.

Red clear yellow, oranges and for bold and the dynamic ones. The wall of the head in color orange with a little red and rest of the room in clear yellow, you do not forget to be brilliant with some curtains of Hindu design in similar tonalities.
With the Design De Interior Your Imagination Commands
To be dared is the best advice, you can decide on the Microconcrete for Interiors and until painting the floor of your room. Your you put the limit with your imagination you only need an expert painter and much creativity to emphasize the head of your bed of unique and little traditional way. It plays with the colors, the textures and forms. There is Gotel©, Venetian stucco and many painting techniques more than can cause that it really emphasizes the head of your bed.

It completely changes the Room With a Unique Lessee