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In this section we will teach to you how to eliminate gotel© a simple and fast form. The decoration tendencies vary with time and as they are used they are discovered if really they are as functional as aesthetic, the Gotel© is a painting technique that was used much in the past century is common to obtain house which still they have that rough wall, but this does not mean that it enchants to him to his owners but they have not secured the way to eliminate it because exists the false belief that once applied it is very difficult to remove it. 

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How To eliminate Gotel© a Simple and Fast Form?

Painting companies as Pinturaskar can help you to eliminate that Gotel© that is years old in your wall and no longer it pleases to you. In the today post we will speak of the used techniques to reliminar the Gotel© and the origin of this technique. 

Origin of the Gotel©

The Gotel© was a very popular painting technique approximately 30 years ago, although the opposite thinks this technique began to implement not by his high decorative value; it was rather a species of solution to those walls that had irregularities and whose finished he was not so professional.

Basically the constructors applied the Gotel© in the ceilings, soon the sector of the construction saw potential in her and began to use it in walls, fundamentally he was to place much well-taken care of plaster without and soon to disguise the imperfections with the drop appearance that offered the technique him. 

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One began to innovate with the technique, they began to leave to the market most material and tools to apply it, and you can secure gotel© of drop small and delicate and other more notable with a greater drop.

In conclusion this technique was created as means of time saving and money during the constructions, nevertheless nowadays has passed a little fashion and this taking off the minimalism; the smooth and flat surfaces without as much adornment betting by atmospheres cleaner and easy to take care of.

Company of TownHallTheatreGalway PINTURASKAR we are a team of professional painters in applying and to remove gotel© next we will speak of how one becomes.

Techniques to remove Gotel© according to the material. In order to clear the Gotel© it remembers that always it is good for contracting the best experts than they can obtain fine and clean finishing, you must bet by the best painters of Madrid: Pinturaskar. If you have your house in Leganes, Getafe, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Fuenlabrada, Mostoles, Getafe, painter Alcorcon, the Clearing, ect and queres to eliminate gotele of the walls and to paint in smooth call to us!

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Now to determine what type of Gotel© was applied to your wall the experts by means of a test they would determine if he is to the plastic weather or. If stabilizing echo is Gotel© to the weather is much more easy is used certain called substance and it dissolves in the suitable amount of water, this sera applied generously on the wall with a roller. 

After waiting for the time indicated by the manufacturer of the stabilizing echo is used a water sprayer and begins to dampen with this, after a specific time will remove with a spatula the rest of the Gotel©. If it is plastic Gotel© is a little more complicated, the same steps are followed that were used to remove the Gotel© to the weather and additional it must repair the wall.

The previous thing is made waiting for a time of 24 hours after fact the first procedure and it is applied grazes professional, it is let dry the indicated time and it is come to sandpaper. Having as result a wall with tedious and extremely professional finishing. If you wish to eliminate your Gotel© of the wall, Pinturaskar is your better option we will give the best price you and it was carried out with the best painters of Madrid.