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From TownHallTheatreGalway PINTURASKAR today we will speak on the decoration married rooms providing a series to them of advice who facilitated the task to them, will do economic and will secure it better results.

The first advice who we give them is that they leave his mind in target and they forget any idea that travels that way. We want that they leave to a side his tastes or knowledge of decoration and enjoy this article because an error that much people commit is to begin to decorate without having much idea of how doing it. 

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So To begin We let These Advice to them so that They paint his Walls:

A cosy room: If they are looking for to obtain a cosy room uses warm colors.
It uses neutral colors: It does not use nor very feminine colors (as for example the pink one), nor masculine, better it uses neutral colors.
Once they painted the walls and the painting you are dry is the moment for locating the furniture and for decorating the room. The idea is to obtain a comfortable dormitory and romantic so that the pair feels comfortable in him and it enjoys it.

Advice For the Decoration of Married Rooms

In it is second stage of the article we will give some advice them to decorate his room and to obtain that he shines gorgeous. 

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The bed: Without a doubt the bed is the important furniture but of the room. If they are going to buy one they did not scrimp in expenses and buy a good bed, elegant and modern.
But they are going to use one that already it has is advisable, to obtain a good mattress so that both are comfortable and to buy elegant covers, savannahs, blankets, waddings and pillows that combine with the color of the room.
Personal space for both: It is important that to assign to personal spaces for the woman and the man. Each must have its space to keep the clothes and other accessories.
Where to locate the television: If the pair wants to place a television in the dormitory has two options:
In a corner on rack elegant (in the corner more far from the door and on the feet of the bed.).
On the wall in front of the bed. (this second option saves space, is ideal for small dormitories).
to limit the adornments: The best option is to limit the adornments in the decoration of married rooms, at least are used but space will have. The best thing is to use photographies of the family or to buy a few adornments but not to exceed.
The mirrors: Finally to use a mirror on the wall of the bed can be a good idea to give to the dormitory an amplitude sensation him. This practices very well-known and is used in many dormitories (the best thing is to use small mirrors and to play with the disposition of the same).
We hope that they have liked these advice for the decoration of married rooms.