Technique of the Sugar bar in Interiors €“ Walls

We are South Madrid Painters with integral painting works and decorations. We give some painting advice him, decorative painting. Many techniques for the painting of walls exist that produce original and innovating effects in the spaces of our home and in general, in any other place. One of them is the technique of the sugar bar, with which finishing is obtained very particular and attractive.

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It consists of applying the painting by means of a sponge, preferably natural, on the surface, given I am called on light, smooth and repeated to obtain a unique aspect and a different effect on the wall at issue. The painting by sugar bar is a technique very simple and easy to apply that it allows to give to the sensation of volume and depth in the walls, useful in addition to cover certain imperfections by all means and, to give an original look to those spaces that as much we like.

How Applied is the Technique Of the Sugar bar In Walls?

For a correct application it is important to follow some recommendations, which we mentioned next. Before nothing, you must give one first layer him of painting to the wall by means of a roller. For a better effect, it is recommended that the tone of the layer bases is different from that you will apply with the sponge, also call tone €œarty€, so you can choose a harmonious combination of colors to obtain a showy result and of good pleasure. Secondly, it chooses a suitable sponge.

The natural sponges are much better than synthetic sponges to obtain more showy effects; on the other hand, the width of pores also allows the best one finished based on its width. Before home, assure to you that the sponge is free of particles that can interfere in the application of the painting.

Modern techniques De Esponjado To leave Your Very Original Wall

With respect to the painting with that you will make the sugar bar, you must dilute it in a little water to do less thickens it and the effect is better. Now only you must wet the sponge in a little painting and, clearing the excesses with a rag or fabric, to apply it on the wall with I touch light. You can test on a cardboard, to have an idea of how it will be and what intensity you must give the color to obtain the result that you wish. 

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If you use paintings of fast drying and that they can remove itself easily so that you can correct any error. Something that you must consider so that the result is the best one, is the disposition of the walls that you will paint with this technique. He is not recommendable to use it in all the walls but rather in some and to only combine with smooth paintings in compatible tones.