Microconcrete Smoothed

Microconcrete. If you look for something novel to cover the walls of your house, it tries with microconcrete, the option estilosa than it is devastating in the world of the decoration, this material has multiple uses, but more it is used in interiors, can go as much in grounds as in walls. 

Madrid microconcrete companies, bathrooms, kitchens

Professional applicators of microconcrete. With this material it can avoid several works as is in the finished one of walls, as for example placing tiles or to have to paint what implies more days of work, own dirt of a work and mainly money, being applied Madrid microconcrete those works are eliminated, the good thing of this material is that it can give the color that wants and the style him that wishes.

Applicators of Microconcrete

It is a truly versatile material, it can give his personal touch him since one adapts to any space, can go in the hall, humid zones as the bathroom and the kitchen, that is to say that does not have limits and can let fly its imagination and create dream spaces, combining textures, colors, etc.

One of the most important advantages that it has this product is that to the being a material of little thickness, of only three millimeters of thickness is perfect to use it in reforms of kitchens and bathrooms, can be applied upon any surface, the only condition is that it is a smooth surface.


The Madrid microconcrete is an alternative that every time is present in new works as in the reforms, is very easy its application, is saved in time, money, but mainly it is a novel alternative.