Colors in Infantile Rooms

Colors In Infantile Rooms €“ if you are thinking about redecorating the room of your son these in the post indicated, I will tell you that painting type and decoration you can apply and until we will speak a little feng shui, colors and decoration of interiors. The room of your son is the gladdest and full site of life of your house, the colors play a great role although you do not create it, each color has his own light, an energy emanates makes specific and until it has effect on the behavior. He continues reading and we will speak of the painting and painters and the ideal colors to place in the room of the allowed ones of the house.

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CHOOSING THE COLOR ACCORDING TO THE CHARACTER OF YOUR SON Before planning the remodeling of the quarter of your son it is very important that he knows his character, his weaknesses and strengths, taking very into account his personality at the time of the election of the painting and decoration.
That attitudes you want to reinforce and which no, you asked yourself that he has to do this with the painting, simple; the colors have direct influences on the behaviors although you do not create it, you have a little energetic boy, something sluggish paints its room of red or with some I touch of this color sides an ascent of immediate energy. You have a son to whom he costs to him to concentrate itself in the studies, relaxes easily decides on tone pies of green or yellow, sides that will be done to him easier to control their hyperactivity and lack of attention.

Colors fashionable In Infantile Rooms

Although each color seems to you incredible has its own light, an energy emanates makes specific and causes an effect. It has not happened to you that you arrive at sites as spa where cause you to have left all day to you, because it is very common in the design of interiors to use the colors to obtain behaviors. A color, an effect €“ tand I will say that colors are ideal for the room of smallest, than effect cause and the energy that emanates.
ROSE: calm, affability, a very positive color.
ORANGE: it stimulates the appetite, vitality, joy, is excellent to use for those children with fear, depression or introversion.
RED: energy, passion, dynamism if your son is a little sluggish east are the color that you must place.
GREEN: it is by nature the color more relaxing than it has, it stimulates brings back to consciousness ecological, it makes think about the nature and additional he is excellent to stimulate the cerebral activity. Also it is known as the color of the hope.
BLUE: excellent for those children to whom it costs to them to conciliate the dream, a sedative color, reduces the appetite.
YELLOW: optimism, joy stimulates the intellectual development, nevertheless you do not use in small babies is not recommended because they cry more in rooms yellow.
TARGET: perhaps purity, peace, innocence and cleaning, can be used to combine since if pinto all the quarter of target feels like very cold for a small boy.

I do not recommend to never place the color black, brown dark or gray dark in a room for small children, nevertheless clear tones of gray can be used to combine, just as the beige, clear that they can seem cold but combined ivory and another with a gladder color can cause than the decoration of the infantile room is everything a success. Now that you know that color to use looks for the best painters of Madrid and pon in march your project of remodeling€¦

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