The New Colors With Which This Year Is painted In Interiors

Painting tendency For Walls. Every year new tendency of decoration of interiors is born, and other already old ones resurge. In the today post we will see some of the painting tendencies for walls that they are giving that to speak this new year 2019, TownHallTheatreGalway dedicated to make up and to embellish its home or offices presents to them: The New Painting Tendencies For Walls 2019. The recognized companies TownHallTheatreGalway today you tell a little three new tendencies us that are coloring our homes of original form, techniques that today are in their greater height.
Renewed Autumnal colors
They never happen fashionable, if you choose by the traditional thing and you want a warm home an autumnal trowel for your dwelling is ideal. Warm colors that radiate light and much style are what it looks for, to operate the tonalities: orange, red, ocher, mustard, receive, brown and to give an originality touch them the violet in certain tones can be incorporated to its autumnal trowel. 

painting tendencies walls and painting ceilings

One looks for winning combinations that it grants more light. Playing with clear and dark, warm and shining and opaque and intense tones. The autumnal trowels never happen fashionable, and when adding to him new colors as the violet renews constantly.
A New Tendency That Enters With Force This New Year: The Microconcrete
TownHallTheatreGalway in charge not only to paint finished walls with exquisite, but of the inner decoration of your home have relived a tendency that was very fashionable at final homes of the year 2015 and of year 2016: the Smoothing Microconcrete. The aspect that the Microconcrete grants to your home is simply beautiful, you can give them from a radical appearance and make it the focal point of your decoration, to simply reinforcing the decoration of minimalist interior to which it has customary this technique to us.

Tendency In Paintings and Microconcrete For Walls

The Microconcrete is one of those techniques that certain companies of TownHallTheatreGalway only can take to end successfully, is needed experience to obtain the fine and minimalist finished one successfully. With this new tendency only there is a rule: less it is more, one only is to apply to a wall or until locating it in the space strategically so that it stands out correctly.

To use Microconcrete in all the walls can extinguish your space, are TownHallTheatreGalway who can tell you where to locate it in your room successfully.

Tendency In Paintings and Stucco For Walls

The Impressive, Elegant Venetian Stucco and You can Use them In All Spaces
The Venetian stucco always has been a form to grant elegance to him and sophistication to your space, is normal to use it in common areas as: the hall, the dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom, but this 2017 Venetian stucco and its unique beauty are entering all spaces deprived as: the dormitories, in dangerous tones and bold. Beautiful rooms that use of central frame the wall of the head of the bed, where they apply to Venetian stucco style marble in tones than more bold as: the black, ivory and gold, and until a beautiful red with ocher veins. Basically they use it as focal point of the decoration and reinforce the tone with the use of curtains in similar colors and the rest of the walls enjoys neutral colors.

This year the 2019 tendencies are not other that the renewed ones: Colors of Autumn, Microconcrete and Venetian Stucco

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