To paint and To decorate the Hall €“ Advice

As to paint and to decorate the hall €“ to paint and to decorate the hall our house are one of the tasks most complicated to elaborate, because it is a room that is used so much for day as for night. If it is a shady hall we will use more alive colors, and if it is a room with much light we will be able to use blue and green with smooth resistances, so that we do not have left a very stressful atmosphere. As normally the hall is the greatest room of the house, we are going to give some advice to you simultaneously to paint and to decorate the hall our house. Some forms exist to create color effects €“ microconcrete for walls and grounds, that increase the interest of a wall.


We can use the traditional paintings that or come prepared, or most bold, to create our own effects using paintings of emulsion or porcelain, and adding to dyes or pigments. There are some techniques more traditional than they include dotted with sponge or the rag, the splashed one or whitewashing. These methods need a layer base that covers all the wall, and next to apply the dye of the wished way. In order to paint the wall it is necessary that we make sure that or is prepared, without cracks or dirt spots, because any technique that we apply to him, by very good that it is, will not be able it to disguise these flaws.

Microconcrete in Interiors

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We must paint a first layer bases, mate or satin and to let dry it. Before painting directly on the wall we will test with the brush to make sure that the brush-stroke is of the size and the wished thickness. Heightening the ceilings €“ If our hall is of reduced dimensions, or the ceilings they are very low and we want that they seem higher we are going to give an advice to you very easy to apply and very effective simultaneously.

We will paint a line of the color very dark, black, among 15 and 20 centimeters in normally highest of the wall, touching to the ceiling, and throughout all the perimeter of the hall.

This way we will secure a depth effect and we will heighten the ceilings so that more stops and a more extensive hall are seen. We must make sure that the color that we have used combines perfectly with the color of our wall, and that is much more dark and contrasts with the color of this same one, but the effect is not going away to notice and simply it will seem a decorative line.