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It is very common to think that the outer paintings, to have a more resistant formulation to extreme conditions, are one of the best options for nears space because they offer major durability, resistance to the mould and bleaching. In fact, this is an error.

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 outer paintings, although they support better the inclemencies of the climate, are more prone to the wearing down by friction and rubbing, which is an observable condition in nears space. This is due to that used resins of union in the manufacture of outer paintings are more flexible to be able to resist the changes of temperature and humidity, doing them smoother and therefore less resistant to the friction, whereas inner resins of the painting of kitchens and bathrooms are more rigid reason why the washed rubbing resists better and. In addition, some paintings for exteriors that contain opened pore coatings, are little washable, reason why they are not recommendable for the interior of the home. Nevertheless, if one is a soluble outer painting, with low scent and of easy cleaning, its use in interiors could be considered, but the best thing is always to use a product designed for internal spaces.

Better Paintings For Exteriors

One of the great disadvantages that the fact to use paintings for exteriors inside a house is that presents the majority owns a high content in compound petroleum products, which generate harmful scents and steam for the health as volatile organic compounds (VOC) while they dry, apart from which they are not easily washable nor resistant to the spots.

However, the paintings for interiors are designed for a easy cleaning, with a high degree of resistance to the wearing down by rubbing and the spots in addition to being formulated with compound more appropriate for closed spaces with the purpose of not generating scents nor steam that affect the health.

Paintings De Alta Quality

If what looks for is a greater level of protection against the humidity, the mould or other factors that cause wearing down, it is not necessary to use a painting for exteriors. At present, multiple options are offered to protect the internal spaces of all these threats, with special formulas that contribute the sufficient effectiveness to avoid damages in the surfaces.

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In conclusion, the paintings for exteriors are not necessarily more resistant than paintings for interiors, each owns specific additives and components for the indicated conditions, that they are very different to each other.

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