Madrid microconcrete €“ Smoothing Microconcrete

The microconcrete is a pavement that are used to have as much grounds as walls and are compatible yet type of surfaces, tiles, porcelain, cement, etc., so that you do not need to retire the ground or any coating to be able to apply it.

Smoothing microconcrete

The microconcrete it is a material reasonable and economically easy to use, in addition it enjoys a series of very beneficial properties for our house, is non-flammable, transpirable, permeable to aqueous vapour molecules, has a very low thermal diffusion, reason why he is recommendable in warm sites, it ages very slowly and he is very resistant to the wearing down. In spite of which much people can think, the microconcrete is very used in the decoration, because to part of which it is a visibly compatible material with the others, crystal, wood, stoneware, metal etc., it has a great variety of colors to choose, and three finished types different from, shining, satin and mate, so that it adapts very well to all the ideas of decoration that we can have. The only trouble that can have microconcrete it is the time that takes in curing and being totally available to put the furniture above and to be able to step on it. In order to avoid grating and blows we must hope one week so that it is dry totally, and must avoid to spill liquids above because they could be spots in him permanently.


Spent one week or we can step on it but protecting to him with cardboards, but he is not recommendable to put or to drag movable very heavy. The Madrid microconcrete has been used DES of many years ago in the commercial premises, great surfaces, restaurants, but now every time it sees itself but in particular houses, as much in halls, bathrooms and kitchens, as in the outside of the houses, terraces, balconies, grounds or facades, because due to his high resistance, he is one of the materials that less wearing down suffers in the exteriors of our houses.

Madrid microconcrete