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Painters in Capital Madrid. If you wish to have a smooth perhaps wall, because you have gotten tired of gotel© and you want repintarla of some smooth color, is important to clear it and alder grove well the wall before putting us hand to the work so that the wall has good finishing. In order to begin to paint with Capital Madrid Painters we must see the state of the wall. 

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For it we will rub the hand against her. If our hand stains the painting is basic watery or to the weather. On the contrary, if she remains smooth is plastic or little absorbent painting. In case the painting is watery we will wet the wall with water and we will hope to that it is absorbed. Then we will be able to scrape the wall with a spatula and to eliminate the covering. We will make this process until having the completely smooth wall. 

Painters in Capital Madrid

On the other hand, if the painting is plastic the scraped one is more complicated and we must use created products to this end. Normally one is products that help to alder grove the wall and to camouflage gotel©. These products are mixed and the corners and edges are applied to the wall, home by. Its painters in Capital Madrid PINTURASKAR.

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We will twice apply the product, or up to three according to the thickness of gotel©. We will let dry some 12 hours and we will polish the irregularities with a sandpaper. For it we can project light with a lantern or the mobile of parallel form to the wall and correct these irregularities. Since you have seen the smoothed one of a wall is simple and it is only necessary to consider if the painting is watery or plastic. After knowing it, simply we will apply one of both methods described with taken care of to have a smooth wall with professional finishing. The wall will be ready then to be guinea fowl of the color that we wish. So Hands to the work!

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